AZURE ready

Available in Azure Commercial and Azure Gov


Packages available in Windows MSI, MacOS DMG and UNIX TAR formats


Centrally manage endpoint configuration with an easy update.


Zero On Premises Infrastructure.

LAPS for azure

ADCE, for On Prem AD
Active Directory Client Extensions

Complex password is randomly generated, encrypted and stored in AD
Password Expiration Notification is displayed even when computer is offline.

Users are granted elevated rights for preset time only.

Near real-time and in-session update of Kerberos Tickets and Access Token.

Reconcile duplicate DNS Records. Safe Browsing on untrusted networks.

Group Policy Refreshes

Consistent and predictable Group Policy Refreshes on VPN computers.

Allow Updating Selected User Attributes including jpegPhoto

Independent of DNS, same name always resolves to closest available DC.

Block access on remote computers to unknown and untrusted sites.

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