ADCE: Trusted DNS / Safe Browsing

Safe Browsing Trusted DNS Servers are DNS servers that help block communication with malware websites, pornography and other sites identified to potentially cause damage or compromise data on your computer.
The purpose of this policy setting is to configure such DNS server IP addresses when the client computer running ADCE is off the corporate network. The settings are restored when the corporate network connectivity is re-established.
Meltdown & Spectre

Block communication with potentially harmful websites hosting Meltdown & Spectre code.

Trusted DNS Servers

Chose between Symantec ConnectSafe, OpenDNS, Google DNS or your own Internet facing DNS Servers.

Safe Browsing while roaming

Block communication with malware, pornography and others suspicious sites when roaming.

AD Integrated DNS Servers

Revert back to using AD Integrated DNS Servers when the computer is back on corporate network.

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