1. Access to JAMF PRO
  2. Installation Package
  3. Configuration File

Installation Steps

Step 1. Upload PKG to JAMF PRO

  • Click Settings in the sidebar
  • Click Computer management section > click Packages.
  • Click New.
  • Use the General pane to configure basic settings for the package, including the display name and category.
  • Click Choose File and select the PKG to upload. Upload “SEVA-macosinstaller-x64-2023.1.5.136-signed.pkg” as shown in the screenshot
  • Upload “ConfigUpdate.PKG” as shown in the screenshot
  • Important: Please change the Priority of the “ConfigUpdate.pkg” to 11. This will make sure config installs after original application.
  • Click Save which will upload the package and save the same in Jamf Pro.

Step 2. Create a policy to deploy a PKG to Mac devices:

  • Click Computers in the sidebar > Click Policies in the sidebar.
  • Click New > Use the General payload to configure basic settings for the policy, including the trigger and execution frequency. Type DisplayName, Select a category and Make sure Policy is in “Enabled” State
  • Select trigger “Recurring Check-in” and Frequency “Once per computer”. Make Sure “Automatically re-run policy on failure” is checked and Retry Attempts is set to “3”.
  • Select the Packages payload and click Configure.
  • Click Add for the PKG
    (a) Add “SEVA-macos-installer-x64-2023.1.5.136-signed” and “ConfigUpdate”
    (b) Select action to Install
  • Configure Maintenance Payload and Select “Update Inventory”.
  • Click the Scope tab and configure the scope of the policy, As per your requirement
  • Click Save.

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